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Three ways convenience drives the future of healthcareTechnology is enabling healthcare consumers the freedom to choose. With increasing choices, convenience is at the forefront of the next evolution of healthcare, and companies need to focus on delivering great end-to-end experiences to meet the needs of today’s consumers.
The key to making virtual visits a digital success
The key to making virtual visits a digital successPatients seek digital connections
New Rite-Aid telebooths provide consumers quick physician accessHealthSpot’s telebooths, which are currently in more than 20 Rite-Aid stores, are changing how patients interact with healthcare. Find out how it works.
UnitedHealthcare expanding telemedicine reach to 20 million membersWorking in partnership with Doctor on Demand, Optum’s NowClinic and American Well, UnitedHealthcare is expanding its telemedicine reach to encompass 20 million enrollees.