value-based reimbursement

Successful payer-provider collaborations: 4 characteristics
Successful payer-provider collaborations: 4 characteristicsWhile value-based reimbursement presents opportunities for payers and providers, succeeding in such a reimbursement model can be challenging. Here are four things to strive for that could increase the likelihood of success in a value-based reimbursement model.
Measuring payer, provider progress in the move to valueIn the move to value-based care, there have been surprises and disruptions for payers and providers alike. In this Q&A, an expert shares where we are now.
Critical mistakes to avoid in value-based payment modelsAs alternative payment models gain traction, payers and providers must take the appropriate steps to thrive.
Alternative Payment Models Conference: 5 key takeawaysA diverse group of healthcare stakeholders recently met for CBI's Alternative Payment Models in Healthcare Conference 2016 in Orlando, Florida. Here are five key takeaways from the conference chairman.
Create a scalable, successful value-based payment modelEnsuring the appropriate internal investment, addressing key friction points, and taking several steps to increase the likelihood of long-term success is key.
Alternative payment models: Top 4 trends to watchThe 2016 Alternative Payment Models in Healthcare Conference 2016 is shedding light on which healthcare payment and delivery changes are evolving into large-scale, long-lasting solutions.
Is value-based pay leading to more MD face time?In the fee-for-service world, physicians need to squeeze in more visits into less time. Here’s how value-based reimbursement is changing the model.
Have CMS, AHIP cured quality measure fatigue?CMS and AHIP, together with physician groups and other stakeholders, announce alignment and simplification of quality measures.
Seven healthcare industry trends to watchOne month into 2016, it’s clear that this will be a year of massive change for the managed care industry. Here are seven predictions for some of the key issues that will emerge, intensify, or be resolved by the end of this year.
Value-based models work: Humana reportHumana’s Medicare Advantage members show better quality, healthier outcomes and lower costs through value-based models.