value based care

To help physicians, EHRs must adapt to value-based careThere is growing concern that electronic health records (EHRs) will not meet physicians’ needs in a value-based care environment
The Future of Oncology Treatment Is Value AssessmentHow value assessment tools enhance decision-making in oncology.
How to measure up for value-based careUsing registry data to elevate benchmarking and performance
How to improve diabetes outcomes under value-based careGood communication and creative thinking can lead to better patient results while boosting doctors’ quality scores
Despite White House shake-up, value-based pay is here to stayCommercial payers, large employers and leading provider systems across the nation have fully embraced this transformation and they will not simply revert back to the fee-for-service system of healthcare delivery and reimbursement.
Business Group Makes Price Recommendations for Specialty Drugs
Business Group Makes Price Recommendations for Specialty DrugsThe high cost of specialty drugs demands a change in Washington, according to a report.
Four priorities your health plan must embrace to thrive in the future
Four priorities your health plan must embrace to thrive in the futureHealth plans of the future will focus on consumers: designing products, care and services to support improved health.
AAD 2016 - Using TDABC with value-based healthcareOluwatobi A. Ogbechie, MD, MBA discusses her 2016 AAD Poster, "Measuring the costs of shave and punch biopsy techniques using time-driven activity-based costing" with Dermatology Times Editorial Advisor, Elaine Siegfried, MD.
Four predictions for the future of healthcareNow a little more than halfway through 2016, it’s time to look at trends in the industry and how they will shape the relationships among stakeholders for the years to come.
Weighing value in HER2+ breast cancer treatmentTargeted treatments of HER2-positive breast cancers have dramatically prolonged many patients’ lives. But treatment outcomes in clinical trial settings don’t always translate into comparable real-world clinical value.