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Early viral infection may contribute to celiac developmentResearchers believe a vaccine could be developed to prevent the formation of celiac disease and possibly other autoimmune disorders.
Patient prompts can increase flu shot rates nearly 40%A simple prompt reminding patients of their flu shot was found to be highly effective in a trial run at the University of Pennsylvania.
Researchers target potent HIV antibodies in new studyThe newly discovered antibodies can fight nearly every strain of HIV in existence, according to study authors.
Physician groups brace for vaccine questions amid Trump presidencyBetween public skepticism on vaccinations and provisions of the American Health Care Act, some representing physicians are voicing concern.
Researchers isolate cells that weaken immune response to cancerStudy provides new insight on isolating and suppressing immune cells that could play a vital role in inhibiting other immunotherapy efforts against cancer.
Study: Safety, components concerns spur vaccine hesitancyResearchers find callers to a national health center were most concerned about the safety and components of vaccines based largely on old information.
As Arkansas outbreak ends, third MMR dose debate renewedThe prevalence of mumps in the state is reinvigorating the question about whether a third dose of measles, mumps and rubella vaccination is warranted.
Study: Saliva test shows promise in checking immunity statusSaliva-based testing may be just as effective as serum in assessing antibodies against infections like community-acquired pneumonia, according to a new UK study.
Unvaccinated adults cost U.S. billions in care, lost productivityLead researcher hopes results of new study motivates more adults to improve vaccination compliance.
Duke launches campaign to boost adult vaccination
Duke launches campaign to boost adult vaccinationResearchers and physicians are working together to discover why adults skip recommended vaccines and what doctors can do to increase immunization rates.