vaccine-hesitant parent

Small world, giant petri dishDermatologists must be aware of the appearance of the measles rash and the mode of measles transmission, as well as its highly infectious nature and incubation period. The dermatologist can be a hero if he or she quickly identifies the possibility of measles in a febrile child with conjunctivitis, cough, and a morbilliform rash.
Docs spread out vaccine schedule despite concernsMore than 90% of primary care physicians surveyed in a new study say that in a typical month they encounter parental requests to spread out the recommended vaccination schedule for their children by reducing the number of vaccines given simultaneously or postponing some vaccines until an older age. Most agree to do so at least sometimes despite reservations.
Measles makes a comebackBetween January 1 and October 31 of this year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed 603 cases of measles in 22 states—the highest number since 1994—marking a striking resurgence of a disease that was declared eliminated in the United States in 2001.
VIDEO: The backfire effectThink all your good counsel to parents on the criticality of immunizations can win over caregivers vacillating on vaccinations?
The key to vaccine-hesitant parents
The key to vaccine-hesitant parentsVaccine-hesitant parents respond to strong provider recommendations.
Mean business when discussing vaccinesA new study has found that if you assume parents will cooperate when it comes to vaccinating their children, many will, whereas if you appear to give them a choice, many more won’t.