vaccination schedule

New study urges clinicians to consider needle fearsFear of needles may play a larger role than clinicians think in vaccine compliance, both in the childhood years and beyond.
Docs spread out vaccine schedule despite concernsMore than 90% of primary care physicians surveyed in a new study say that in a typical month they encounter parental requests to spread out the recommended vaccination schedule for their children by reducing the number of vaccines given simultaneously or postponing some vaccines until an older age. Most agree to do so at least sometimes despite reservations.
2015 pediatric immunization schedule issued
2015 pediatric immunization schedule issuedThe American Academy of Pediatrics has announced the release of the 2015 recommended vaccination schedule for children and adolescents in a recent policy statement from the Academy’s Committee on Infectious Diseases.
More vaccinations, less rotavirusVaccinating infants against rotavirus reduces the infection rate, according to findings from a recent study of children enrolled in an acute gastroenteritis surveillance program.