UV rays

Macular degeneration is occurring earlier —and the culprit may surprise you
Macular degeneration is occurring earlier —and the culprit may surprise youIn an increasingly technologic world, blue light—omitted by devices like cell phones and computers—is inescapable. It’s important to know how it contributes to AMD, and how your patients can take steps to protect their eyesight with three easy tips from Alan Mendelsohn, MD.
Sunlight and its effect on eye healthAvoiding sunlight entirely appears to be a misdirection. Melanoma is inversely related to latitude and inadequate acclimation (i.e., increased melanization and epidermal thickening), which carries the risk of both melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer—common in northern latitudes.
J&J offers patient resource on UV protectionTo help eyecare professionals educate parents about the risks that may be associated with ultraviolet (UV) exposure to the eyes and steps they can take to minimize UV exposure, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. has launched a free educational resource, The Sun & Your Eyes: What You Need to Know.
Many Americans unaware of increased risk to UV exposure for certain drugs, light-colored eyesThe American Academy of Ophthalmology recently released results of a poll that found the majority of Americans are unaware of the increased risks to ultraviolet (UV) light exposure that are linked to common drugs and having light-colored eyes.
Researchers find cause of pain in sunburnScientists have found that blocking the molecule TRPV4 can help to prevent the pain caused by sunburns.