uterine fibroids

Radiofrequency ablation: A new paradigm for treatment of fibroids
Radiofrequency ablation: A new paradigm for treatment of fibroidsLess intervention and shorter downtime are two advantages to RFA.
FDA approves morcellation containment systemThe FDA approves the first containment system for morcellation. Plus: ASRM provides guidance for Zika virus. And, the impact of HRT timing and its impact on cardiovascular disease.
Puzzler: An unusual cause of pelvic painIt may difficult to arrive at a diagnosis in cases of acute pain.
Puzzler: A sneaky cause of hemorrhagic shockCan you arrive at the correct diagnosis?
Tool helps with decision-making for fibroid managementA clinical decision tool serves as a framework for providers to counsel patients about mode of hysterectomy.
The economics of uterine fibroidsA study tabulates the direct and indirect costs.
Uterine fibroids: medical management options
Uterine fibroids: medical management optionsFor women in whom surgery is not recommended or necessary, treatment with the goal of symptom relief and size reduction can be achieved medically.
SMFM consult: Fibroids in pregnancy: Meaning and ManagementQuestions and answers from SMFM about the implications of uterine fibroids during pregnancy
Product Review: Technologies for laparoscopic contained tissue extractionNewer surgical techniques to facilitate the extraction of uterine tumors in a containment system have sufficiently advanced to make the small risk of spreading an unanticipated malignancy even smaller.
Antiprogestin CDB-2914 promising for uterine fibroids (VIDEO)William Fredette, MD, discusses the benefits of Antiprogestin CDB-2914 for reducing uterine fibroid size and bleeding, and improving quality of life for affected women, as reported in the journal Fertility and Sterility. Video provided by The Doctor's Channel.