UT Letters

Men must be entitled to PCa screening, treatment choiceThe following letter was sent to Urology Times in response to a previously published letter to the editor, "Dear USPSTF: Don't discount value of PSA in men 70+."
Dear USPSTF: Don’t discount value of PSA in men 70+“We strongly believe that PSA-based prostate cancer screening should be made available, especially to men 70 years and older to decrease the morbidity and mortality of prostate cancer,” write Navin Shah, MD, and Vladimir Ioffe, MD.
Letter to the editor: Consider foreign urologists as solution to shortageIn this letter to the editor, Faris Azzouni, MD, makes his case for foreign urologists as a solution to the urologist shortage.
Urologist to ABU: ‘I relinquish my certificate’ over MOC (Letter)Urologist Stephen G. Weiss II, MD, FACS, explains why he is voluntarily relinquishing his American Board of Urology certificate.