urology residency

Life after residency: Is a fellowship in your future?Nirmish Singla, MD, offers career planning tips to urology residents who may be approaching the end of their training.
Visiting professorships offer unique benefit to residents
Visiting professorships offer unique benefit to residentsUrology resident Nirmish Singla, MD, discusses the insight he’s gained from the experiences and perspectives of visiting professors and residents.
How to command patient trust while building experienceWhile questions about experience can be uncomfortable for new surgeons, Nirmish Singla, MD, believes the process of mastering procedures is invaluable to conveying the confidence necessary to help patients feel comfortable.
Research success during residency: Seven useful strategiesUrologic oncology fellow, Ariel Schulman, MD, shares some tips to help residents make research a positive experience.
Consider Choice E: Effective learning during residencyUrology resident, Nirmish Singla, MD, goes over some of the ways urologists can stay educated and informed in the infinite and dynamic curriculum that defines the medical field.
A urologist’s looking glass: Why self-awareness is vitalDuring my second year as a urology resident, I walked into my mid-year evaluation meeting with my chairman, threw my hands up in the air, and told him I wasn’t happy with how I was operating. When I later reviewed my chairman’s dictated letter regarding our meeting, he wrote, “She has a lot of self-awareness.” While the remainder of the letter was also very complimentary, this single phrase really stuck out and was perhaps the most meaningful comment in the document. Learn more about Dr. Amy Pearlman's journey to becoming self-aware and why it's important.
AUA puts 2014 residency match rate at 64%The AUA announced the 2014 Urology Residency Match results last week, reporting that of medical students who submitted preference lists, 64% matched.