ureter injury

Hemorrhage results in cesarean hysterectomyAllegations in this case include extended use of oxytocin and allowing labor to continue too long.
Brain injury allegedly caused by forcepsWhen the head of a Kansas woman's baby did not descend easily, the nursemidwife managing the labor sought an obstetrician’s intervention. The obstetrician used forceps to assist the delivery. The parents sued the obstetrician after the delivery alleging the infant suffered a skull fracture, lacerated ear, bruising around his scalp, and bleeding in the brain as a result of the forceps. What's the verdict? Plus more cases.
VIDEO: Prevention of ureteral injury in endoscopic hysterectomyJavier F Magrina, MD, demonstates the prevention of ureteral injury while performing an endoscopic hysterectomy.
Legally Speaking: Careful charting protects ob/gyn in case of infant’s death
Preventing urinary tract injury at the time of hysterectomyFirst know the anatomy and the risk factors, but don't forget to screen for and recognize injury as well.