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Months Later, Drug Shortages Still a Problem
Months Later, Drug Shortages Still a ProblemWill healthcare manufacturing in Puerto Rico be back on its feet by next hurricane season?
Managing Shortages of Small-Volume Parenteral SolutionsStrategies for Conserving Vital Medications in Short Supply in Aftermath of Hurricane Maria.
Pelvic organ prolapse may be clue to presence of exfoliation syndrome
Pseudoexfoliation may play greater role in late IOL subluxation/dislocationHistopathologic analysis of 53 consecutive IOL-capsular bag specimens explanted after late in-the-bag IOL subluxation/dislocation identified pseudoexfoliation in 33(62%) of cases—less than half of which had a clinical diagnosis of pseudoexfoliation.
Progress made on drug shortages although manufacturing issues persistWhile the rate of new drug shortages has fallen, manufacturing problems and FDA import bans continue to cause shortages of certain medications in U.S. hospitals.
On the road toward solving the PCO challengeTargeting of Myo/Nog cells using a novel nanocarrier complex loaded with doxorubicin is showing promise as a treatment for reducing posterior capsule opacification.
Three key design elements for men's health clinicsUrologists and internists who direct successful comprehensive men’s health centers in the U.S. say these centers need to do more than cater to men’s health needs. They should also cater to men’s wants. Specifically, here are three design elements you should incorporate into your men’s health center, if you haven’t done so already.
Urologists helping drive male-specific centers
Urologists helping drive male-specific centersMultidisciplinary men’s health centers, rooted at hospitals, academic centers, and some private clinics, have expanded in the last few years and are meeting an important need in medicine, say key figures in these centers. Urologists are helping to drive these clinics’ success.