Upgrade office triage to expedite careThis article describes how a mobile application, a “web widget,” and an office triage support tool can expedite and improve your existing office triage capabilities.
Pediatric call centers fast-track urgent careThe first call center was introduced in 1988 as a uniquely pediatric innovation. This month’s article presents a brief history of call centers, discusses their advantages, and describes how they will improve patient care.
Teledermatology enables efficient patient triageWhile reimbursement questions linger, teledermatology can help dermatologists triage effectively in deciding whether a patient needs to go to the hospital. It is also a way to reduce the disparity in access to dermatological care, experts say.
Teledermatology improves patient triageThe future of hospital dermatologic consultations may lie in teledermatology. According to a study published this month in JAMA Dermatology, using teledermatology for inpatient hospital consultations, in addition to an in-person dermatologist, can improve patient triage and efficiency.