transitions of care

Automation Drives New Role for Hospital Pharmacists
Automation Drives New Role for Hospital PharmacistsBy using automated medication inventory management, pharmacists are freed up to perform more patient focused care.
Patient care comes first for McKesson’s 2016 Pharmacy of the Year winnersMcKesson recognized some outstanding community pharmacies at this year's IdeaShare.
Pharmacists take aim at med errors during care transitionsHealthcare has changed, and the emphasis on transitions of care has grown as inpatient and outpatient services are linking up.
Win-Win: Using student pharmacists to extend resourcesSavvy health-system pharmacists seeking to do more with less are putting student pharmacists to work — and it's working.
Hospital pharmacists improve management of diabetes patientsMedication reconciliation, inpatient care, med safety, discharge education, transitions of care, medication adherence — these are only some of the ways pharmacists can benefit the healthcare team. There are plenty more.
ASHP survey: Hospital pharmacists taking greater role in patient careHospital pharmacists are taking a greater role in patient care, performing more medication-related patient transition-of-care (TOC) interventions, 24/7 medication order review, and medication counseling, according to the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists’ National Survey of Pharmacy Practice in Hospital Settings: Dispensing and Administration—2014.
Medication adherence pays off for patients, payers, and community pharmacyMedication adherence counseling is something pharmacists do best. Evolving paradigms in healthcare delivery will resolve how they will be paid for it.
ACA opens the door to value-based care
ACA opens the door to value-based carePharmacists are now being included in care teams wherever outcomes are being tracked. Provider status is only a matter of time.
The patient goes home: Pharmacists and transitions of care
The patient goes home: Pharmacists and transitions of careA word from the Honest Apothecary: Guest columnist Jason Poquette spells out what transitions of care actually involve.
Transition of care: The challenge for pharmacistsPharmacists need to own this service. The survival of the profession may depend on it.