FDA eyes opioids in kids' medicines
FDA eyes opioids in kids' medicinesAn FDA committee will review prescription opioid products containing hydrocodone or codeine to treat coughs in children.
FDA Issues New Label Change for Codeine and Tramadol
FDA Issues New Label Change for Codeine and TramadolDecades of research has led to a flurry of new warnings.
CNS may be path to future voiding dysfunction therapiesIn this interview, Karl-Erik Andersson, MD, PhD, discusses current treatments for common voiding dysfunctions and future directions, including central nervous system agents and combination therapies.
FDA warns of risk associated with off-label use of tramadol in kidsThe off-label use of tramadol in children following surgery may be problematic and healthcare professionals should consider other FDA-approved drugs for pain relief, according to a FDA safety communication.
Tramadol moves to Schedule IV classificationThe Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) ruled this week that the pain reliever tramadol is now classified as a Schedule IV controlled substance (CS).
Ohio reclassifies tramadol as Schedule IVJoining 12 other states and the U.S. military, Ohio will reclassify tramadol and products containing tramadol as Schedule IV controlled substances effective September 1, 2014.
Ohio bill would make pharmacies record photo IDsAn Ohio state senator has introduced a bill that would require pharmacies throughout the state to verify the identities of buyers of certain controlled substances and the pain reliever tramadol.