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Top 10 stories of 2017
Top 10 stories of 2017You, our readers, told us what stories were most important to you this year as measured by the number of page views they received on our website.
Top stories of 2016
Top stories of 2016These stories were chosen by you by way of clicks. They received the most page views on our site in 2016.
Drug Topics’ Top Stories of the Month: August 2014Whenever a pharmacist takes on the country’s largest pharmacy, it’s bound to make news. So, perhaps, it’s no surprise that “Pharmacist sues Walgreens over uniform and training pay” was our most-read story in August.
Top Stories from Drug Topics: June 2014We all know that electronic prescriptions solved all those script communication problems between prescribers and pharmacists, right? Well, the Cynical Pharmacist dispelled any such myths in his blog “Electronic prescriptions: Return to sender.” It was our most-read story of June.