thin cornea

Epi-on CXL: Safe, effective option for treating thin corneasPatients with thin corneas as the result of keratoconus, ectasia following LASIK, or pellucid marginal degeneration can safely undergo epithelial-on collagen crosslinking with pulsed UV light and achieve visual benefits from the procedure.
ECPs don’t treat glaucoma aggressively enoughGlaucoma isn’t being treated aggressively enough, and eyecare practitioners are being too cautious when it comes to treating and diagnosing the disease—often at the patient’s expense.
CA-CXL expands candidates to eyes with thin corneasContact lens-assisted corneal crosslinking (CA-CXL) is a novel technique in which a riboflavin-soaked ultraviolet (UV) barrier-free soft contact lens is applied over the denuded cornea prior to UVA irradiation.