Clinical Challenge: What Would You Do?
Clinical Challenge: What Would You Do?Preventing drug-drug interactions with HIV ART
Readers reactA reader writes in to discuss the management conditions specifically related to stress.
Moving toward personalized medicine for melanomaNew research indicates that cutaneous melanoma is the most mutation-driven form of all cancers. While research has determined that there is more than one form of cutaneous melanoma, forms with more mutations may respond better to immunotherapies that have been approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) since 2011. Learn more
Experts weigh in on conversion therapyIn the first ever consensus statement on conversion therapy for LGBTQ children, an expert panel cautions against the practice, calling it both ineffective and harmful.
Dying to be thin: Body image and disordered eatingThis article briefly discusses theories on why poor body image develops and the strong link to disordered eating; ways to screen for poor body image and eating disorders in children and adolescents; and some efforts under way to prevent and intervene in children at risk of, or who have developed, poor body image.
Family-based therapy for eating disordersThe incidence and prevalence of eating disorders (EDs) among children and adolescents necessitates that pediatricians be able to identify and treat these increasingly common conditions.
Biologic use beyond psoriasis
Biologic use beyond psoriasisFive severe conditions show positive response. More to comeā€¦
TNF Inhibitors Prove EffectiveTNF inhibitors shown to be effective in improving the clinical symptoms of moderate to severe hidradenitis suppurativa, representing an exciting therapeutic option for this challenging disease.