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Therapeutic considerations for psoriasis

Study negates lifestyle factor link in psoriasis, cardiovascular fitnessWhile patients with psoriasis have poorer cardiorespiratory fitness, a new study could find no connection between fitness level and psoriasis or frequency of exercise and disease severity. Where is the link?
Age at onset influences psoriatic arthritis disease factorsThe age at which a patient first develops indications of psoriatic arthritis may influence various disease factors. Early onset appears to be associated with more extensive disease; while late onset is associated with several metabolic complications. Here’s what this means.
Biologic holiday a question of risk managementIntermittent dosing of biologic agents can make the therapies more immunogenic and lead to a decreased patient response, but the initiation of methotrexate preceding a decrease in the use of biologic therapy will reduce the potential for immunogenicity of the biologics.
Early diagnosis prevents poor outcomes for psoriatic arthritisWith one-third of psoriasis patients likely to be affected by psoriatic arthritis, dermatologists should review distinguishing clinical features, ask patients about joint complaints
FDA approves secukinumab for psoriatic arthritisNovartis announced January 15 that the FDA approved Cosentyx (secukinumab) for psoriatic arthritis and active ankylosing spondylitis.
Autoimmune disease + shingles = 50% increase in stroke riskPeople who have autoimmune diseases, including psoriasis, who get incident herpes zoster have a 50 percent increased stroke risk within a month of developing shingles, according to a new study.
Bariatric surgery associated with improved psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis
Bariatric surgery associated with improved psoriasis, psoriatic arthritisStudy finds an association between excess weight loss post bariatric surgery and symptomatic improvement in cases of severe psoriasis. Learn more
Pediatric psoriasis
Pediatric psoriasisPsoriasis is a complex, multifactorial disease that requires a multidisciplinary approach when considering optimal treatment and management in pediatric patients.
Rheumatology for the dermatologist
Rheumatology for the dermatologistThe signs and symptoms of some dermatologic and rheumatologic diseases sometimes overlap, and a better understanding of their associations and subsequent clinical and laboratory evaluations can help in optimizing the treatment and management of this patient population.
Gene helps confirm existence of psoriatic arthritis
Gene helps confirm existence of psoriatic arthritisResearchers identified genetic changes that affects psoriatic arthritis risk. Learn more on the findings