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How digital device usage is affecting youthThe time we are spending on digital devices is on the rise, and it’s unlikely to slow down any time soon. With more and more apps, games, and social media options, we have all become more dependent on smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices.
Hackathon series puts focus on digital eye careSince the start of the 21st century, technology has revolutionized how we care for our glaucoma, retina, contact lens, low vision, and refractive surgery patients. However, the primary care eye exam has remained relatively unchanged.
How to use technology to improve patient careDr. David Kading shares how you can use the latest technology to improve your patient care.
Why patients are choosing eyecare apps over you
Why patients are choosing eyecare apps over youIt's raining “eyecare” apps. Just for a second, I’m going to embrace the hate because we can use it to help lead us to a better understanding of the situation and ultimately to a solution. In our technologically enhanced world there seems to be an app for everything—including for eye care.
Will optometry’s fear of disruptive technology backfire?
Will optometry’s fear of disruptive technology backfire?Eye care has been a magnet for new—and disruptive—technology. In the past few years, the industry has seen the birth of companies such as Smart Vision Labs, Opternative, and EyeNetra, just to name a few.
Your patients are still tweeting about youWhen we need a good laugh, we love to head over to Twitter and find out what patients are saying about their optometrists. Check out what they had to say.
How ODs fit into the future of online refractionExecutives from online refraction companies discussed their services during Vision Expo East. Opternative CEO Aaron Dallek; EyeNetra CTO Vitor Pamplona, PhD; and myVisionPOD Founder Hal Wilson shared information about their companies and answered questions from the audience about the future of online refraction.
Mastering social media marketing for your practiceODs on Facebook founder Alan Glazier, OD, provided social media strategies for optometrists during a session at Vision Expo East.
3 tips to use LinkedIn to advance your career
3 tips to use LinkedIn to advance your careerAfter many years as the sole optometrist in a busy ophthalmology practice, I found myself feeling isolated. I had excelled in my career managing many complicated ocular disease cases and making a difference in the lives of the patients whom I served; however, I was lacking the collaboration with my peers I had experienced during my residency and years in school.
Managing your employees’ social media use
Managing your employees’ social media useIs your staff addicted to social media? Some of them are indeed social media junkies, as polls show the average American spends a quarter of his work day on sites such as Facebook.1 That means a 25 percent decrease in productivity. That means that in an average workweek, you a paying a staffer to socialize online for over a full day of work!