Tattoos damage sweat glandsTattoos alter the skin’s ability to produce sweat and result in higher concentrations of sodium, a study shows.
Effects of body modification are more than just skin deepAAP’s first ever clinical report on body modification guides pediatricians on medical precautions and counseling practices.
When tattoos cause problems: 4 risks
When tattoos cause problems: 4 risksCheck out four potential medical issues that dermatologists may encounter when working with tattoos. Consider these risks.
Tattoos may stop Apple Watch
Tattoos may stop Apple WatchFind out how ink and the Apple Watch don't play well together
Laser tattoo removal: rethinking ink
Laser tattoo removal: rethinking inkNew picosecond lasers allow for faster treatment of several once-difficult tattoo inks such as green, blue, red, orange and yellow. Meanwhile, Q-switched laser regimens continue to evolve, sometimes in combination with fractional ablation.
Pediatric patients benefit from laser treatmentsLasers can be used in novel ways to treat skin conditions such as port wine stains, unwanted eyeliner tattoos and bruising, according to an expert who spoke Thursday at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.
FDA warns of contaminated tattoo inkContaminated tattoo ink that was recalled in July may have reached distributors and poses the potential for skin infections and other health problems, the Food and Drug Administration has warned.
Black ink may be culprit in tattoo-related uveitisPhysicians who treat uveitis should ask patients about any tattoo changes. Some component of black tattoo ink may act as an environmental trigger—leading to the development of simultaneous bilateral ocular inflammation and elevation of tattooed skin.
Laser choices grow increasingly complexSuccessful laser treatment of pigmented lesions and tattoos requires choosing the right tool for the job, an expert says.
Body modifications pose challenges for treating skinDermatologists are best positioned to treat and educate patients whose tattoos, piercings and other body adornments are causing problems, an expert says.