surgical tools

Tools Test Drive: Electro Lube and WiCAMDr Greenberg reports on his results with an anti-stick solution for electrosurgery and a wireless endoscope camera.
Product Review: Technologies for laparoscopic contained tissue extractionNewer surgical techniques to facilitate the extraction of uterine tumors in a containment system have sufficiently advanced to make the small risk of spreading an unanticipated malignancy even smaller.
Product Review: The neoCloseFor surgeons who use fascial closure devices, neoClose occupies a place of its own at the head of the class.
Google Glass moves into the operating roomAccording to a recent article in the Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons, Google Glass could change the way surgeons provide care in the operating room. This comes after some members of the American College of Surgeons were selected to be among the first to test out the device.
Curious About Google Glass?
Product review: T'Lift and PKS BiLLIn this first installment of a regular series, a doctor test-drives two surgical tools and finds them friendly and functional.