surgical technique

Blunt needle benefits upper blepharoplasty
Blunt needle benefits upper blepharoplastyStudy compares blunt vs sharp needle for postoperative bruising, hematoma and pain when performing upper blepharoplasty.
How do you measure surgical skills?A recent study uses sweat in the OR as an “objective” indicator to assess residents’ surgical competency.
Don’t skimp on sleep: The consequences of sleep deprivationAfter reading an article suggesting that surgeons are similar to athletes, Henry Rosevear, MD, argues that surgeons should start treating themselves as such and also be aware of the impact poor sleep habits can have on performance.
New drape speeds ophthalmic surgery
New drape speeds ophthalmic surgerySurgical draping for ophthalmic surgery has never been quick or easy—until now. A new drape design allows the surgeon or scrub nurse to fully drape the patient in seconds.
Crowd sourcing in surgeryGynecologic surgeons need validated tools to assess performance and guide their efforts to maintain and improve their skills. C-SATS provides a crowdsourcing solution.
Laparoscopic gallbladder surgery safe for kidsLaparoscopic removal of the gallbladder in children doesn’t injure the bile duct; has low complication rates; and results in short hospital stays, a study from the Mayo Clinic has found.