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Pharmacy Supply Lines Are Still Shaking After Storm Passes
Pharmacy Supply Lines Are Still Shaking After Storm PassesTwo hurricanes devastated the U.S. supply chain, affecting pharmacies all over—and leaving many to wonder what’s next.
Blockchain Tech Could Track Pharmacy Supply ChainA technology called blockchain could give pharmacies the ability to securely track pharmaceuticals and protect privacy.
Pharmacists Work Through Northern California Firestorms
Pharmacists Work Through Northern California FirestormsIn the middle of terrible disaster, pharmacists were there.
Pharmacists Tackle Hurricane Harvey
Pharmacists Tackle Hurricane HarveyIn the midst of unprecedented disaster, pharmacists and pharmacies were prepared.
Unchecked supply chain process can degrade a drug's safety, efficacyPhysicians may know how a product is stored once it reaches their offices, but there is no way of knowing the supply chain storage conditions during manufacture and transit.
Video: Using pharmacy inventory software to streamline supply chainsDallas Moore, regional director of pharmacy services, Intermountain Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, discusses how his employer uses Aesynt software to manage inventory.
CVS Caremark and Cardinal Health team up to supply generic drugsWAG–Boots–Amerisource Bergen was only the first. Here comes another behemoth.