sun damage

Sun exposure and skin agingIn a recent survey, only 4.4% of women blamed sun exposure for skin aging, believing stress and kids are bigger culprits.
The picosecond differenceIn addition to treating tattoos and pigmented lesions, new picosecond devices also treat sun damage and scarring. The results achieved by picosecond lasers are due to photothermal as well as photomechanical effects. Picosecond pulse duration lasers have an excellent safety/side effect profile in individuals of all skin types.
UV-induced mutations factor in pediatric melanomaClues about genetic alterations that underlie their disease.
Data suggests pollution new target in skin agingScientific findings indicate that people need to do more to protect their skin from the sun and must now also begin thinking about the damaging effects of exposure to pollution. Topical applications of antioxidants and DNA repair enzymes have potential to be helpful tools, according to an expert who spoke at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.
Uncovering the cause of armpit irritationAntiperspirants and not deodorants are the culprit in skin irritation. The antiperspirant decreases sweating while the deodorant simply provides a pleasant scent to the armpit.