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New high blood pressure guideline healthcare cost impactFifty percent of Americans have high blood pressure, per new guidelines. Here’s how those guidelines could affect medication utilization and healthcare spending.
Are there non-glycemic benefits of continuous glucose monitoring?A multinational randomized controlled trial indicates, for what may be the first time, that continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) may have health benefits that go well beyond control of maternal hyperglycemia. Plus: Does postmenopausal HT impact risk of stroke? Also: A study suggests that late puberty affects bone mineral density.
Driving down heart disease costs: Tips for plans, providers
Driving down heart disease costs: Tips for plans, providersHeart disease takes a heavy toll on the healthcare system, but promising new treatments are emerging
The stroke that shouldn't have been
The stroke that shouldn't have beenMolly’s mom had a stroke, followed by hospitalization and weeks of rehabilitation. None of it had to happen.
How to identify AF patients at low stroke riskIn a presentation at the 2015 AHA Fall Conference, Daniel E. Singer, MD, spoke about identifying patients with an increased bleeding risk with the long-term use of oral anticoagulants and whether or not there is a benefit in those cases.
Does folic acid reduce stroke risk?New studies say yes.