Steven E. Wilson

Haze after PRK, LASIK tied to faulty epithelial regrowth
Haze after PRK, LASIK tied to faulty epithelial regrowthPoor regeneration of the epithelial basement accounts for most 'late haze' associated with PRK, LASIK, infections, or corneal transplants. Proper excimer laser maintenance may reduce irregularities.
Femtosecond lenticule extraction versus LASIK draws SMILESmall incision lenticule extraction (SMILE), which has not yet been approved for refractive correction in the United States, may be less accurate and produce more irregular astigmatism than LASIK or PRK because of the imprecision resulting from the two incisions needed to create the lenticule. In addition, the technique for potential enhancements needs improvement. However, the treatment is promising and may stand the test of time as the technology advances.
Why managing dry eye is crucial in laser vision correction successProactive handling of pre-existing dry eye in laser vision correction patients will improve the accuracy of custom ablations and lower the risk of postoperative dry eye-related problems