Steven D. Vold, MD

Growing number of devices set to transform glaucoma treatmentMinimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) is the latest development in the treatment of glaucoma. With two MIGS devices already approved in the United States, there are a variety of novel devices that have the potential to transform the treatment of glaucoma.
Evolution in glaucoma surgery mounting with MIGS proceduresAn expanding armamentarium of minimally invasive and micro-invasive glaucoma surgery procedures is transforming glaucoma management.
Optimizing CPC treatment outcomes with built-in transilluminationA new probe offers combined transillumination and laser fiber for targeted transscleral cyclophotocoagulation. Steven D. Vold, MD, shares some of his clinical experience.
Device makers swing for fence with new technologiesDevice manufacturers presenting new implants and technologies to treat glaucoma. As the industry moves from 1.0 devices to 2.0 devices, this will be a transformative time in the way physicians treat patients.
Surgery for chronic angle closure: Individualizing decisionsGlaucoma specialists discuss the use of laser peripheral iridotomy and lens extraction as surgical intervention for chronic angle closure.
Surgical procedures aimed to lower IOP with little tissue traumaNew generation of surgical procedures for glaucoma are being performed with good facility and encouraging safety and efficacy results. Only time will tell whether these techniques will maintain their initial promise and how they impact the treatment for glaucoma.