Stargardt’s disease

Evaluating early-onset Stargardt diseaseA 33-year-old male attended to University of Alabama at Birmingham Eye Care complaining of blurry vision with either eye at both distance and near. He had a history of spectacle lens wear since childhood but also admitted to losing his glasses in most cases shortly after receiving them. retinal treatment results take center stage in 2015Studies of the efficacy of anti-vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), gene therapies, and slow-release drug delivery systems took center stage among treatments for retinal disorders in 2015. In addition to studies already under way, others are about to begin.
Bone marrow cells show promise in degenerative, ischemic retinal diseasesThe safety and feasibility of intravitreal autologous CD34+ bone marrow cells as a potential therapy for retinal disease were evaluated in a pilot study. Preliminary findings demonstrated the treatment was feasible and researchers intend to pursue a larger, prospective study with longer follow-up.
Stargardt’s disease: New strategies, new therapiesSeveral therapies are in the pipeline to treat Stargardt’s disease.
Stargardt’s disease treatment gains orphan designationMakindus has received orphan designation for its lead product, MI-100, from the FDA’s Office of Orphan Products Development for the treatment of Stargardt’s disease.