Why parents spank their childrenA new poll found that about a quarter of parents spank, but most believe it’s not a very effective punishment. Instead, parents would like experts, like pediatricians, to give them clear guidance, individualized for their child, on discipline methods that work.
CHILD ABUSE/NEGLECT: Alternatives to spankingSparing a child the rod of corporal punishment can circumvent a lifetime of adverse health consequences, said Victor Vieth, JD, in his presentation “Spanking: The Why and How of Counseling Families on Alternative Discipline Measures.”
Spanking may be far more common than you thinkSpanking of children by their parents is far more common than parents admit, according to a study of real-time audio recordings of parent–child interactions in the home.
Spanking: Still prominent and problematicAbout half of all moms and at least a third of dads still engage in spanking their preschool-aged children, even though research shows it has negative effects on a child’s behavior. Now, a new study finds it has deleterious effects on cognitive ability as well.