social media for practices

Using social media to improve the way you connectHaving a presence on social media is not absolutely necessary to run a successful practice, but it can be a valuable tool in connecting with patients and diverse communities. If used wisely, social media can help grow a practice.
Minding your social media mannersTen tips for developing a social media marketing policy that will help you avoid pitfalls and stay relevant while giving your practice a glowing social presence and reputation.
Why social media story sharing is vital for physicians todayIgnoring social media is no longer possible if your practice wants to reach patients where they are.
How to choose the right social media platform for your practiceSocial media is dynamic and fickle. Dermatologists should pick and choose the sites they participate in with great deliberation and be prepared to shift sites as the individual sites’ popularity or demographics change.
How to use social media to promote your practiceSocial media is more powerful than you think. It has become increasingly common for patients to find their physicians online. Creating a positive online presence can be one of the easiest ways to market your practice and make a lasting impression on patients.
How to launch a successful social media campaignIs your Facebook, Twitter or other social sites working for your practice? Not sure or maybe you need a little help. Check out what experts have to say about launching a successful media campaign for your practice. Get the tips.
Why physicians must protect their online reputationIt seems only yesterday that word of mouth was the primary means for the public to hear opinions about physicians. But today, patients and potential patients are more likely to obtain such information online.
Using social media to promote your practice’s physicians
Creativity key to more robust social media
Creativity key to more robust social mediaMake your messaging stand out
Is Google+ still relevant for cosmetic surgeons?Should you invest resources in Google+? SEO pro answers.