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Smoking cessation and using the Contemplation Ladder tool

Lisa Shah, MD explains how the inpatient setting is a good opportunity to counsel patients on smoking cessation as it is already a smoke-free environment.

Smoking Cessation

This smoking cessation intervention works!A new clinical decision support tool prompts clinicians to ask parents about secondhand smoke exposure, provides an electronic nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) prescription, and makes referrals for follow-up and further guidance.
How pharmacists are helping patients kick the habitCVS decided to abandon tobacco sales in 2014. Plenty of community pharmacists were way ahead on that one.
COPD and pharmacotherapy for smoking cessation at the VA: StudyUse of tobacco-cessation therapy was low. The study found several negative factors — and two positive predictors.
Reinvent your practice
Reinvent your practiceThree ways to increase income and reach patients in need
Smoke-free rules can help shield kids from COPDResearchers encourage smoke-free rules in homes, private cars, and outdoor children's play areas to help prevent and reduce long-term burden of COPD
Grassroots FDA partnership aims to reduce heart disease deathsFDA has joined nonprofit National Forum for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention to advance the cause of a heart-healthy and stroke-free society in a first-of-its-kind cooperative public education program to reduce the burdens of heart disease and stroke.
A smoking cessation strategy many health plans overlookEven though e-cigarette smoking is on the rise, wellness programs are not giving smoking cessation nearly enough attention or resources, according to a new HealthMine survey.
Exchange plans fail to offer required smoking cessation coverageThe overwhelming majority of state health insurance marketplace plans are not providing required coverage for smoking cessation, according to a new report from the American Lung Association.
CVS pharmacists have helped more than 67,000 smokers to quitFrom program launch through December 2014, CVS has sold 63% more smoking cessation products and seen 61% more Minute Clinic visits than it did during the same period a year earlier.
E-cigarettes, tobacco cessation, and the role of HCPsElectronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are novel products that are changing the landscape of nicotine addiction. Also known as electronic nicotine delivery system, or ENDS, these products were developed in the early 2000s and by 2007 were available in the U.S. marketplace