SMFM Consult

SMFM Consult: Ultrasound in the cfDNA eraThe society's recommendations for women who are undergoing both ultrasound and cfDNA screening.
SMFM consult: Chromosomal microarray for prenatal diagnosisYour questions about this screening technique answered.
SMFM Consult: Routine cervical length screening to prevent PTBAnswers to frequently asked questions about when to perform CL measurement
SMFM Consult: Diagnosis and antenatal management of CMV infectionIn utero exposure to this common pathogen can have serious consequences for some infants.
SMFM Consult: Diagnosis and management of vasa previaThe definition, epidemiology, natural history, diagnosis, and management of vasa previa, particularly cases diagnosed prenatally.
SMFM Consult: The fetus at risk of anemia
SMFM Consult: The fetus at risk of anemiaA review of the causes, surveillance options, and management strategies for the pregnancy at risk of fetal anemia.
SMFM consult: Fibroids in pregnancy: Meaning and ManagementQuestions and answers from SMFM about the implications of uterine fibroids during pregnancy
SMFM Consult: Activity Restriction in PregnancyDespite its widespread use, activity restriction or bed rest during pregnancy is not supported by available data.
SMFM Consult--Delayed Umbilical Cord ClampingThe latest data on optimal timing of umbilical cord clamping, risks for maternal morbidity, and situations in which risks outweigh potential benefits.
Tdap vaccination during pregnancyTdap vaccination is both safe and recommended for all pregnant women during every pregnancy, regardless of the timing of their last Tdap immunization.