A postsurgical selfie protocolSmartphone program identifies early postop issues, improves patient satisfaction.
Portable imaging system captures quality images
Portable imaging system captures quality imagesNew technology has been paired with the time-tested technique of direct ophthalmoscopy to create a portable, retinal imaging system (D-Eye, D-Eye S.r.l.) that utilizes a small optical device magnetically attached to a smartphone
Going blind while using your smartphoneWith news sites like NPR and The Washington Post reporting about transient smartphone blindess, be ready for questions from your patients. It is natural to laugh at this random new diagnosis for a term we want to call night blindness, but take if from me—experiencing it firsthand can be alarming. Consider asking patients presenting with monocular transient vision loss about their smartphone use and add it to your list of differentials.
Smart use of smartphones
Smart use of smartphonesSecurity and encryption are key elements of a protocol for using a smart phone to take clinical pictures. Without those, dermatologists risk heavy fines and more.
One example of a HIPAA-secure platform
One example of a HIPAA-secure platformAmong the HIPAA secured platforms that can be used for photo sharing via secure messages is Doximity. The platform’s messaging is HIPAA-secure, and this is how.
Smartphone app rivals charts when testing eyesight
Smartphone app rivals charts when testing eyesightA smartphone lens adapter and app that allows users to conduct extensive eye exams on patients is as accurate as traditional charts, according to a recent study.
"Is my kid ready for a smartphone?"“Mom/Dad, can I have a smartphone?” Children are posing this question to their parents at earlier and earlier ages. If parents wait until they are asked to consider how they will monitor technology and their children, they are already behind.
Apps for mind, body, and soulMind, body, and soul need to be regularly fed in order to feel like a complete person. Most of us now live and die by our phones, so you can take care of all of your needs with your device. Here are my recommendations to feed your mind, body, and soul.
iHealth launches world’s smallest blood glucose monitor for iPhone, AndroidiHealth has launched a glucose monitor for iPhone and Android smartphones. According to the company, iHealth Align is the world’s smallest and most portable mobile glucometer.
Non-stop texting causes a case of retinal detachment, says Chinese mediaA 26-year-old man from Qingdao, China suffered a retinal detachment after using his smartphone non-stop, according to Qingdao Daily.