small pupils

Overcoming the small-pupil FLACS challenge with the Malyugin ringThe second-generation Malyugin ring is a versatile pupil expansion ring with high efficacy in femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery. Professor Boris Malyugin notes its advantages, having used it on a variety of classically difficult eyes and in complicated surgical cases.
Strategies for small pupil phacoSmall pupils usually travel in clusters with other surgical challenges. Kendall E. Donaldson, MD, MS, explains how surgeons may better manage small pupils during phacoemulsification by employing all tools and techniques available to them.
Small pupils: Maneuvers, medications, mechanical devicesThomas A. Oetting, MD, MS, shared five pearls for operating in eyes with small pupils. In the follow-up discussion, panel members commented on their experiences with newer options for small pupil management.
Femtosecond cataract surgery addresses capsulotomy challenges in small pupilsThe safety and efficacy of femtosecond laser cataract surgery was evaluated in a small series of patients with small pupils.
Managing small pupils: A step-wise approachBoris Malyugin, MD, PhD, explains how he uses a step-wise approach to manage small pupils, starting with an intracameral injection of phenylephrine or epinephrine and eventually working up to pupil expanders.