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8 things about formulating productsSkincare product formulating is a natural for dermatologists, but there are several important considerations before starting what can be an expensive, time-consuming process.
Researchers claim global skincare market is growingA report published by U.S. based market research company Grand View Research suggests the global skincare products market will reach $196.67 billion by 2024, up from an estimated $129.21 billion in 2015.
Contact dermatitis and common culpritsDermatologists should note that a new contact allergen is becoming a more prevalent cause of irritation as it is now found more frequently in personal care and laundry products, which are resulting in a greater number of contact allergies now than fragrances and dyes.
4 ways to differentiate skincare products for patientsTaking time to educate consumers about professional vs. over-the-counter options can increase practice sales. Find out how
At-home microdermabrasion system makes skincare easyTrophy Skin released an at-home, portable, microdermabrasion system that claims to increase efficacy by following a professional more on this at-home device.
Dermatologist launches skin type solutionsDr. Leslie Baumann, a Miami Dermatologist developed the Skin Type Solutions Franchise business model. The business model allows dermatologists to be the primary source of skincare guidance...Read more on this business model.
Novel anti-aging topical shows promise in small studyHave researchers found an anti-aging topical that effectively addresses fine lines, wrinkles, texture, pore size, skin clarity and uniformity, elasticity, erythema, hydration and overall skin quality?
At-home system smooths skin, restores glowMicro Derm MD by Trophy Skin is professional-grade system for at-home use that exfoliates the skin gently using a handheld wand. Learn more on this product.
Valeant to acquire PreCision Dermatology for $475MValeant Pharmaceuticals International has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire PreCision Dermatology for $475 million in cash plus $25 million payable upon achievement of a sales milestone.
Skin creams cause reactions in patients with atopic dermatitis
Skin creams cause reactions in patients with atopic dermatitisPatients with atopic dermatitis are more likely than those without the condition to have allergic reactions to formaldehyde releasers found in skin creams, according to a recent study.