single-embryo transfer

Elective single-embryo transfer: No longer elective
Elective single-embryo transfer: No longer electiveThe large body of evidence citing the effectiveness of IVF and recent advances promoting the safety of ART, including the widespread adoption of SET, have established IVF as a reasonable first-line alternative for many infertile couples rather than the treatment of last resort it was once regarded.
Perinatal outcomes improving for ART infantsA Nordic study of more than 92,000 children shows that perinatal outcomes after use of assisted reproductive technology (ART) have improved considerably in the past 20 years.
Euploid Single-Embryo Transfer: The New IVF Paradigm?Blastocyst-stage comprehensive chromosome screening (CCS) to select euploid embryos is the key to successful elective single embryo transfer (SET).
Should single-embryo transfer be mandatory in patients undergoing IVF?Three IVF experts discuss what policy is best for infertility patients.
SET combined with chromosome screening leads to lower costs