Hospital Pharmacists Struggle with Sterile Water for Injection Shortage
Hospital Pharmacists Struggle with Sterile Water for Injection ShortageHow one health system is coping is coping with the shortages.
Solving the nation's primary care shortage
Solving the nation's primary care shortageThe supply of primary care physicians needed to bolster the move toward quality-driven reimbursement models is becoming increasingly stretched.
The 4 most problematic drug shortagesDrug shortages are significant public health threats. They can delay, or even deny, critical care for patients. Here are the four drugs in shortage that are among the most problematic.
The future of dermatologyUntil recently, dermatology was an almost universally well-respected medical and surgical discipline. The scope of the specialty appears to be narrowing. If we relinquish the authority to manage skin disorders to concentrate on more lucrative pursuits such as selling products, we will cease to be relevant and our patients will suffer.
Demand for PCPs exceeds supply by at least 10% for 7 million AmericansNumerous studies have highlighted shortages in primary care and have predicted even greater supply problems after the Affordable Care Act is fully implemented. A new study published in Health Affairs puts the shortage in new perspective, however.
Redistribution of federal of workforce development funds fails to deliver primary care to underserved areasDespite federal funding to increase the number of primary care providers, few new positions have been added, according to a new study.
Physician pooling, care diversion: Answers to PCP shortage?Under the traditional primary care model, a physician shortage is inevitable. But using new methods such as doctor pooling and diverting as low as 20% of cases to non-physicians could eradicate the shortage completely, a new study claims.
Flu vaccine shortage elicits FDA guidanceThe spike in flu cases over the past month, along with limited supplies of influenza vaccine and Tamiflu across the United States, has led FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg to issue guidance to pharmacists and other healthcare providers.