Shaffer Award

Rochester University researcher awarded 2017 Shaffer PrizeFor his research efforts to better understand the molecular pathways that are responsible for axonal degeneration in glaucoma, Richard Libby, PhD, was awarded the 2017 Shaffer Prize for Research during Thursday night’s Glaucoma 360 annual Gala.
Duke University researcher awarded 2016 Shaffer PrizeStuart J. McKinnon, MD, PhD, was awarded the 2016 Shaffer Prize for Research for his project to determine whether therapies can be designed to module the immune system to prevent vision loss and blindness in patients with glaucoma.
Andras Komaromy, PhD, wins Shaffer Award for research of gene therapy to control IOPFor his efforts to prove that gene therapy could one day provide lasting control of IOP in patients with glaucoma with known genetic defects, Andras M. Komáromy, PhD, DVM, was awarded the 2015 Shaffer Prize for Innovative Glaucoma Research.