Latest tonometry devices all have their pluses and minusesYvonne Buys, MD, says ophthalmologists can choose from a range of the latest devices for measuring IOP, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. While new technology continues to emerge, Dr. Buys provides an overview of tonometer technology.
Big Data transforming glaucoma care, research
24-hour monitoring to revolutionize glaucoma careThe advent of 24-hour IOP monitoring will transform the care of patients with glaucoma and usher in a new era of personalizing IOP. 24-hour IOP monitoring set to revolutionize glaucoma research and clinical care.
Self-tonometry, new monitoring systems provide wealth of dataThe availability of technologies for ambulatory IOP measurement will usher in a new era in glaucoma patient management. L. Jay Katz, MD, said the technologies will provide better understanding of IOP and patient adherence to topical medications and to make more timely adjustments in therapy while reducing the number of office visits.