Scott Gottlieb

Gottlieb Pushes for Generic Drug AccessBrand name drug companies are "gaming" the system, according to the FDA head.
FDA Orders Stop Sale of PainkillerThe first opioid taken off the shelves because of potential abuse.
How the FDA Will Combat Opioid AbuseGottlieb and the FDA are being praised for their efforts, but could they be doing more?
New FDA lead ushers in new eraScott Gottlieb, MD, was sworn in as the new FDA commissioner and ushers in a new era.
Will Gottlieb’s Faster Drug Approvals at FDA Help or Harm?
Will Gottlieb’s Faster Drug Approvals at FDA Help or Harm?Gottlieb and Trump want faster drug approvals to help more patients, but studies show faster approvals might cause harm.
Five things to know about Trump’s FDA lead pick GottliebOn March 10, the White House announced that President Donald Trump selected Scott Gottlieb, MD, who has worked for FDA in the past, as his choice to head the FDA. Here are five things managed healthcare executives should know about the pick.
Gottlieb Tapped for FDA Commissioner SpotFormer FDA deputy commissioner is nominated to take the top job, but financial ties may bind for him.