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Cataract meeting outgrows Naples, moves to Amelia Island in 2018
Phaco turns 50
Phaco turns 50As the ophthalmic community celebrates 50 years of phacoemulsification (phaco) innovation, surgeons and industry alike mark its progress since the inspiration for the procedure came to Charles Kelman, MD, after a visit to the dentist.
How femtosecond laser anterior capsulotomy can preserve capsular integrity in IOL exchangeWhen performing IOL exchange in eyes with anterior capsule phimosis, use of a femtosecond laser to create a secondary anterior capsulotomy can allow in-the-bag placement of the new IOL.
How patient movement can interfere with femto laser-assisted cataract surgeryFemto laser-assisted cataract surgery (FLACS) is a latest advance in technology that is transforming traditional cataract surgery into a refractive procedure. Multiple studies have shown that laser-assisted cataract surgery can increase precision and reproducibility of the anterior capsulotomy, reduce effective phacoemulsion time, cause less postoperative inflammation to the anterior chamber, and possibly reduce surgically-induced endothelial cell damage. However, it is discussed much less often that the safeguards built into FLACS instruments can fail and allow the femto laser grid pattern to be delivered into the cornea.
Cataract surgery diagnostics spotlight continues to shine on integration with surgical technologiesThe trend for advances in intraoperative imaging systems and linking of diagnostic and surgical technology continued in 2015, bringing cataract surgeons more opportunity for increasing workflow efficiency and improving patient outcomes.
IOL-related advances increase satisfaction, improve toric outcomesIOLs are proving to provide new options for cataract surgeons as well as entryways for more advanced research trials.
Study: OVDs may alter IOL power calculations
Study: OVDs may alter IOL power calculationsThe presence of an ophthalmic viscosurgical device—while negating the need for wound stromal hydration—can negatively alter the optical results provided by aberrometry.
Crucial cataract surgery strategies in setting of open posterior capsuleIn patients who present with a cataract, certain histories should raise suspicion about existing damage to the posterior capsule or an increased risk for capsule rupture intraoperatively. Armed with that information, cataract surgeons can implement proper strategies for cataract removal and IOL implantation.