The Top 10 Worst States to Be a Pharmacist
The Top 10 Worst States to Be a PharmacistLooking for a new pharmacy job? You should probably avoid these states.
Optometry’s 10 biggest stories in 2015This was a huge year for Optometry Times. Let’s take a look back at the stories you thought were most important or most interesting this year.
Big cities and small towns where ODs make bankWe recently brought you a list of the states where optometrists make the most money—and where they make the least. We wanted to break it down even further and see which big cities and small towns offered high-paying opportunities to ODs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
States where ODs make bankYour salary as an optometrist can vary greatly based in part on the state in which you live.
4 steps to adjust staff salaries“How do you give raises to your staff?” This is a common question among ODs. I have learned after several years of working with eyecare practices that we are all over the place in how we compensate our staffs.
Optometry ranked as top industry for womenA recent report from business research firm IBISWorld ranked optometry as one of the top industries for women. The firm analyzed data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and a database of more than 700 industry reports to identify six industries that offer unique employment advantages for women, characterized by strong growth in revenue and employment, particularly in the number of female workers.
Nurse pay rates grew in 2014 more than other hospital employeesWith the exception of executives, nurses saw higher pay increase than other hospital employees, according to a new report.
Is an optometric education cost-effective?
Is an optometric education cost-effective?High-paying careers all require an education, many beyond an undergraduate degree. Yet optometry faces challenges that have the potential to further erode income.
Report says optometrists have ‘surprisingly low’ salariesAccording to a report from Business Insider, optometry tops the list of prestigious professions with surprisingly low pay.
Moonlighting: Physicians expand income, experience by taking on secondary employmentA Medical Economics survey found nearly one-third of physicians earn a secondary income. Here's why more physicians are taking jobs outside of their practice.