Roger Dmochowski

The switch to OTC: Are urologic drugs next?
The switch to OTC: Are urologic drugs next?Switching a medication from prescription to over-the-counter status comes with challenges and risks, and is not always successful. In this interview, Roger Dmochowski, MD, discusses the pros and cons of OTC medications and explains the hurdles facing potential OTC products for urologic conditions.
Urologists mourn loss of John Fitzpatrick, MChProfessor John Fitzpatrick, MCh, an international leader in the field of urology, died suddenly Wednesday, May 14.
Device shows safety, efficacy in reducing SUIAn investigational minimally invasive device was found safe and effective in limiting rapid pressure changes within the bladder to reduce symptoms of stress urinary incontinence, the authors of a recently published trial reported.
Quality assurance impacts urologists on multiple levelsUrology Times Editorial Consultant Philip M. Hanno, MD, MPH, interviews Roger Dmochowski, MD, about his institution’s Patient Advocacy Reporting System as well as quality improvement and creating algorithms for appropriate care.