robotic-assisted surgery

The future of cataract surgeryAs the most common procedure performed by the ophthalmic surgeon, in 2014, 4.3 million cataract operations took place in the European Union Member States. It is estimated that more than 23 million procedures will be performed worldwide in 2016.
Looking ahead to 2017: A urologist’s wish listHenry Rosevear, MD, discusses the ten things he’d like to see happen in 2017 for the field of urology.
Robotic partial nephrectomy: Benefits outweigh costsThe benefits of robot-assisted partial nephrectomy outweigh the health care and surgical costs, a new study found.
Costs, complications increased with robotics for adnexal surgeryAn analysis of data from nearly 90,000 women who underwent adnexal surgery over a 3-year period shows that robotically assisted procedures were associated with substantially higher costs and increases in intraoperative complications.