Robert Stamper, MD

What you missed at Glaucoma 360 this year
What you missed at Glaucoma 360 this yearSee the highlights and program overview from the Glaucoma Research Foundation's 2017 Glaucoma 360!
Drug therapies, delivery systems advance for glaucoma carePharmacologic products and devices in development continue to gain momentum in the glaucoma treatment armamentarium.
Numerous issues underlie unexplainable glaucoma progressionWhen glaucoma is progressing despite good intraocular pressure control, clinicians should consider a variety of issues before advancing patients along the therapeutic ladder.
Beyond IOP in glaucoma treatmentIntraocular pressure (IOP) is only the starting point for glaucoma treatment. Successful treatment begins with establishing an IOP goal, but there are multiple considerations that affect treatment choices. Robert Stamper, MD, explored the considerations that go into drug selection. None of the factors that should influence drug selection are new, he said, but it is easy to forget that the patient with glaucoma likely has other medical problems and is taking other medications.
Newer functional tests add value for glaucoma detection, management