Richard L. Lindstrom, MD

Phaco turns 50
Phaco turns 50As the ophthalmic community celebrates 50 years of phacoemulsification (phaco) innovation, surgeons and industry alike mark its progress since the inspiration for the procedure came to Charles Kelman, MD, after a visit to the dentist.
Multiple next-generation stents lead to better IOP controlThe use of multiple second-generation stent systems led to a 20% or higher reduction in IOP in a group of patients with mild-to-moderate, open-angle glaucoma.
Treating presbyopia with an eye drop?A topical treatment that breaks apart disulfide bonds between crystalline lens proteins was shown to increase accommodative amplitude and improve near visual acuity in a randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial.
Mobile program affords low-risk entry into laser cataract surgeryA mobile laser program eliminates the financial barrier to becoming involved in laser cataract surgery and provides support that enables success.
How femtosecond laser adds value to cataract surgery practices, patientsLaser refractive cataract surgery improves the predictability of refractive outcomes, and this benefit holds value for surgeons and patients.