Retina Surgery

Single-port PPV allows safe phaco in crowded anterior chamberIn crowded eyes, removal of vitreous through a one-port pars plana vitrectomy is the only viable strategy to deepen the anterior chamber and allow safe phacoemulsification, according to R.J. Mackool Jr., MD.
Survey: More retinal surgeons using primary vitrectomy, microincisional technologySurveys examining retinal surgeon-practice patterns for retinal detachment show preferences differ regionally.
Using microscope-integrated intraoperative OCT in VR surgeryIn the DISCOVER Study, ophthalmologists are exploring real-time, intraoperative optical coherence tomography utilizing a microscope-integrated prototype with a heads-up display surgeon feedback system.
New vitrectomy technologies advance precision, efficiency during surgeryA retina specialist explains why vitrectomy surgery is safer and more efficient using a new ultra-high-speed vitrectomy cutting probe combined with 27+ gauge instrumentation.
Small-gauge PPV for vitreous floatersJames M. Osher, MD, identifies the patient characteristics and reviews some of the complications with small-gauge vitrectomy for vitreous floaters.
Epiretinal prosthesis outcomes remain encouraging for retinitis pigmentosaOutcomes remain positive after 12 to 36 months of follow-up in a series of 12 patients blind from retinitis pigmentosa who received a retinal prosthesis system.
Use of retinal prosthesis system shapes vision for those with retinitis pigmentosa
Use of retinal prosthesis system shapes vision for those with retinitis pigmentosaThe advent of a retinal prosthesis system offers a second chance at sight for patients with vision loss from retinitis pigmentosa.
Navigated laser for DME reduces anti-VEGF re-treatment ratePhotocoagulation with a navigated laser is safe and significantly reduces the need for further anti-vascular endothelial growth factor injections in patients with diabetic macular edema.
Oculus launches single-use wide angle viewing systemOculus launches the first single-use wide angle viewing system, the Biom ready, which combines the balances between flexibility and high optical quality.
Application of iOCT to ophthalmic surgery: Pioneer 18-month resultsPIONEER study results find that intraoperative optical coherence tomography is vital for vitreoretinal surgery and recovery.
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