retina detachment

Contrast sensitivity device exposes vision limitations of reattachment patientsComputerized testing of contrast sensitivity function using the Sentio Platform (Adaptive Sensory Technology) may better quantify the visual limitations of patients than traditional letter acuity after retinal detachment repair.
Scleral buckle technique using PPV, laser photocoagulation
Scleral buckle technique using PPV, laser photocoagulationScleral buckles and vitrectomy are the two main procedures used today to treat retinal detachments, with many surgeons performing a combination of the two.
Retinectomy-under-air solution for retina reattachment
Retinectomy-under-air solution for retina reattachmentIn complicated retinal detachment cases where the retina fails to reattach after completing the usual steps, retinectomy is a better technique than relaxing retinotomy–and the retinectomy is best done incrementally under air, said Steve Charles, MD.
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Experiencing retinal detachment as an OD
Experiencing retinal detachment as an ODWhen the retina in my left eye detached in early October 2013, I was on a tour bus, somewhere between Canter’s Deli and Griffith Observatory, in Los Angeles. There was a series of flashes, like warning flares, and then a black tide, an oil slick of a blind spot that started down and to the left and crept toward the center of my vision, arcs of lightning heralding its advance. I knew what was happening, but I didn’t want to believe it.
Non-stop texting causes a case of retinal detachment, says Chinese mediaA 26-year-old man from Qingdao, China suffered a retinal detachment after using his smartphone non-stop, according to Qingdao Daily.
How cost utility justifies retinal detachment repairRepair of retinal detachment is cost effective, especially when compared with injection-based treatments.
Study links premature birth, retinal detachmentChildren born extremely prematurely have up to a 19-times greater risk of retinal detachment later in life than those born at term, according to a Swedish study published this month in Ophthalmology, the journal of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.