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Retail clinic pros and cons: Impact on healthcare spending
Retail clinic pros and cons: Impact on healthcare spendingA new RAND analysis of retail clinics finds they could be increasing healthcare costs.
Eight ways health plans can empower consumersHow can plans and providers turn the dial up on member engagement? We asked three experts to weigh in.
What health plans should do during open enrollment seasonAs health insurers become increasingly more proactive and personalized in their interactions with individuals, they increase their ability to improve the cost and quality of healthcare while building loyalty in a competitive market.
Q&A: What managed care organizations can learn from retail clinicsBrad Fluegel, chief healthcare commercial market development officer at Walgreens, discusses what managed care organizations and healthcare executives can learn from the success of retail clinics.
How retail medicine lost its wayIf most patients are not going to exceed their deductible in a given year, they are now “consumers” and are looking for differentiators that offer fixed fee care.
Consumers unwilling to change behavior to lower healthcare costs: pollA new survey reveals that American healthcare consumers are reluctant to make changes that would bring about the lower healthcare costs they say they want.